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Survival Survival Skills
Xanthyn Owner
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4 months ago

Survival Skills:
A comprehensive guide

Important commands

/skills | View your skills and abilities
/skillrank | View your rankings among other players

/ar check | View your requirements to level up
/ar track <requirement_number> | View your progress on a specific requirement

What are skills, what do they do?

You can acquire and enhance skills by completing various tasks. Unlocking valuable stat boosts, abilities, and additional bonuses along the way!


Shoot mobs and players with a bow to get Archery XP

Stat bonuses: Crit chance, Strength


  1. Arrow retrieval: Arrows you miss will be instantly retrieved
  2. Archer: Earn more Archery XP
  3. Bow Master: Deal more damage with bows
  4. Piercing: chance for arrows to pierce through mobs
  5. Stun: chance to decrease enemy movement speed



Fight mobs with melee weapons to earn Fighting XP

Stat bonuses: Crit Damage, Regeneration


  1. Parry: Damage Reduction
  2. Fighter: Earn more fighting XP
  3. Sword Master: Deal more damage with swords
  4. First Strike: Deal more damage on the first hit
  5. Bleed: Chance to make the enemy bleed, dealing damage per tick.



Take damage from players or mobs to earn Defense XP

Stat bonuses: Toughness, Health


  1. Shielding: Damage reduction while sneaking
  2. Defender: Increased defense XP
  3. Mob Master: Reduce incoming damage from mobs
  4. Immunity: Chance to be completely invincible when attacked
  5. No Debuff: Chance to negate harmful potion effects from being applied



Harvest crops to earn Farming XP

Stat bonuses: Health, Strength


  1. Bountiful Harvest: Increased farming luck
  2. Farmer: Earn more farming XP
  3. Scythe Master: Increases damage from hoes
  4. Geneticist: Increases saturation gain from plant-based foods
  5. Growth Aura:  Crops within a radius of you grow faster



Cut trees to earn Foraging XP

Stat bonuses: Strength, Toughness


  1. Lumberjack: Increased foraging luck
  2. Forager: Increased foraging XP
  3. Axe Master: Increased axe damage
  4. Valor: Increased strength
  5. Shredder: Increased durability damage



Mine stone and ores to earn Mining XP

Stat bonuses: Toughness, Luck


  1. Lucky Miner: Increased mining luck
  2. Miner: Increased mining XP
  3. Pick Master: Increased pickaxe damage
  4. Stamina: Grants extra toughness while holding a pickaxe
  5. Hardened Armor: Chance to negate durability damage on armor



Catch fish to earn Fishing XP

Stat bonuses: Luck, Health


  1. Lucky Catch: Increased fishing luck
  2. Fisher: Increased fishing XP
  3. Treasure Hunter: Higher chance to get rare loot from fishing
  4. Grappler: Hook entities faster
  5. Epic Catch:  Added chance to get epic loot from fishing



Dig with a shovel to earn Excavation XP

Stat bonuses: Regeneration, Strength


  1. Bigger Scoop: Increased excavation luck
  2. Excavator: Increased excavation XP
  3. Spade Master: Increased shovel damage
  4. Metal Detector: Increased rare loot chance
  5. Lucky Spades: Added chance to get epic loot from digging



Move around and take fall damage to earn Agility XP

Stat bonuses: Regeneration, Wisdom


  1. Light Fall: Reduced fall damage
  2. Jumper: Increased agility XP
  3. Golden Heal: Increased effect regen
  4. Fleeting: Increased speed
  5. Meal Steal: Increased hunger steal



Brew and splash potions to earn Alchemy XP

Stat bonuses: Widsom, Health


  1. Alchemist: Potions you brew have a longer duration
  2. Brewer: Earn more alchemy XP
  3. Life Steal: Heal a percentage of the max HP of hostile mobs & players you kill
  4. Golden Heart: Damage done to your absorption hearts is reduced by a percentage
  5. Wise Effect: Gain wisdom for every unique active potion effect



Enchant, combine, and using a grindstone on items to earn Enchanting XP

Stat bonuses: Wisdom, Luck


  1. XP Convert: Earn Minecraft experience when you gain skill XP
  2. Enchanter: Earn more Enchanting XP
  3. Anvil Master: Increases the maximum repair cost of an anvil, allowing you to repair items more
  4. Enchanted Strength: Gain strength for every unique enchantment on the item you are holding
  5. Lucky Table: Items you enchant using an enchantment table have a chance of upgrading the enchantment level if it is not max level

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