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Staff Guidelines

Staff Guidelines


Welcome to WindyMC, where we strive to maintain a friendly and enjoyable environment across all our platforms, including Discord, our website, and Minecraft servers. To ensure this, we have established a set of guidelines and a hierarchical system of moderation. It's crucial for all staff members to understand their responsibilities, permissions, expectations, and the consequences for rule violations to maintain the integrity of our community.

Hierarchical System:

In WindyMC, our moderation structure operates on a hierarchical system consisting of the following ranks: Helper, Jr Mod, Mod, Jr Admin, and Admin.

Helpers, Jr Moderators, and Moderators are the back-bones of server moderation, always directly interacting with players to foster a safe gaming environment by answering any questions they have, solving issues, or carrying out punishment. Jr Administrators and Administrators however, oversee those staff members, providing guidance and support to them. Additionally, they are also the ones who determine promotions based on the performance, dedication, and adversity of the junior-ranking staff.

Responsibilities by Rank:


  • Welcome new members to the community.

  • Assist players with basic questions and issues.

  • Monitor chats for rule violations.

  • Report any observed issues to higher-ranking staff members.

Jr Mod:

  • Enforce server rules in both Discord and Minecraft.

  • Respond to player inquiries and concerns.

  • Assist in resolving conflicts and disputes.

  • Escalate issues to Mods or higher if a situation may need to be resolved at a higher level.


  • Moderate chats and game servers actively.

  • Handle player reports and complaints effectively.

  • Monitor and enforce server rules rigorously.

  • Assist in training and mentoring Jr Mods.

Jr Admin:

  • Oversee the overall functioning of the server and Discord.

  • Coordinate with Mods and Jr Mods for effective moderation.

  • Handle more complex player issues and disputes.

  • Assist in staff management, training, promotions, and policy changes that affect the server as a whole.


  • Ensure the smooth operation of all WindyMC platforms.

  • Provide direction and mentorship for the entire staff team.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of all WindyMC platforms.
  • Make decisions on major issues and policy changes.

  • Conduct regular performance evaluations and promotions based on the recommendations made by their peers and the Jr Admins.


All staff members must adhere to the following guidelines when issuing punishments, ensuring that they are reasonable, fair, and proportionate to the offense, based on the rules provided below. All punishments that are issued by staff REQUIRE proof that can’t be easily questioned. If you’re unsure about the proof you have, please ask a peer or senior-ranking staff member.

Notes: Situations that you happen to not have sufficient proof to warrant adverse actions such as warnings or worse. Staff must clearly communicate the rule violation in the note.

Warning: First-time or minor infractions may warrant a verbal warning. Staff must clearly communicate the rule violation and provide guidance on proper conduct.

Mute: Persistent or moderate offenses, such as repeated spamming or minor disrespect, may result in a temporary mute. Staff must specify the duration of the mute and explain the reason to the player.

Kick: Serious or repeated violations, including offensive language or disruptive behavior, may lead to a temporary removal from the server. Staff must provide a clear explanation for the kick and encourage the player to review the rules.

Ban: Severe or repeated infractions, such as cheating, harassment, or hate speech, will result in a permanent ban. Staff must document the reason for the ban and ensure it aligns with WindyMC's zero-tolerance policy for certain offenses.

Other Considerations:

Evidence: Staff should gather sufficient evidence (screenshots, chat logs, videos etc.) before issuing punishments to support their decisions.

Appeals: Players have the right to appeal their punishments through designated channels. Staff should handle appeals promptly and fairly, reevaluating decisions if necessary.

Consistency: Staff members should be fair and impartial when enforcing the rules and carrying out punishments across all players, regardless of rank or status. This will ensure consistency with the punishments that players receive across the board.

Professionalism: Staff are expected to maintain a professional demeanor at all times, refraining from personal biases or emotional responses when enforcing rules.

Communication: Effective communication among staff members is essential for smooth moderation. Staff should collaborate, seek advice when needed, and support each other in maintaining a positive environment.

We believe that by adhering to these guidelines and embracing our hierarchical system, WindyMC will continue to thrive as a welcoming and enjoyable gaming environment for all.

Thank you for your dedication to maintaining our community standards!

- WindyMC Management